Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Me Sew Inspired

I saw this adorable cape-like coat on Melissa's blog the other day. I love the shape and length of those sleeves! Did I mention on the blog that I bought Sew U a few months back? I did, but have yet to sew a damn thing, for a number of reasons....

1. My sewing machine is still in a box at my parents' house after moving away from Seattle.
2. I took sewing in 4H as a kid, and still haven't gotten over all the rainbow ribbons I received at the county fair for mediocrity.
3. I live in New York City. I have no room to set up a sewing station.
4. I have enough trouble committing to a single knitting project long enough to complete it. I don't need a new craft to further confuse things.

Despite all this, I would really, REALLY love to give sewing another chance in my life. I even sketched a dress design on a Post It yesterday at work. Maybe this summer, when the thought of holding wool on my lap each evening is unbearable.

As for knit-related inspiration, check out this tunic sweater!


aja said...

Do you like the book? I was wondering if I should get it, I am sewing skill impaired!

KiWi said...

Sweet cape. Tres chic