Friday, February 16, 2007

Happiness is...a 3-day weekend and an inspiring person

Lately things have been pretty inactive here at dlittlegarden. Sorry, folks. I owe a few people email responses, and definitely need to update the blog with pictures of the new apartment, plans for decorating, etc., but for today I'm just checking in to let you know I'm still alive. We should be getting internet access at the new place within the week, and then I promise to start posting with greater frequency.

One other thing I'd like to share: I had the privilege to go to Ishmael Beah's reading at UNICEF house last night, the eve of his book release. Ishmael is so inspiring! Even with all the hell he went through, experiencing armed conflict first-hand in Sierra-Leone, he encouraged all of us in attendance to remember that whatever loss of humanity we may experience in our own lives, it can always be regained. I look forward to reading the rest of his book this weekend.


Jennifer said...

You saw him in person? Once again, I'm envious over here. I saw him on Jon Stewart's Daily Show a couple of nights ago. (Don't ask...late night knitting). Jon said that it was impossible to be funny, his heart hurt to badly. Ishmael certainly made an impression on me as well. I definitely have to read his book.

I hope your move goes well!

lexer said...

I just randomly came accross your blog (I think from olga?) and I was curious where you got your knitters against global warming button. I started a little mini site about that a while ago, and wanted to know if you came across it, or know of a similar organization.

Also, we have the same taste in music, awesome!