Monday, April 02, 2007

Gifted FOs

The other day I'd mentioned that I had two FOs that I was withholding until they were gifted to their respective recipients. Well, my sister received her package the other day, and I had Korean food with Friend A last week to deliver her gift, so now I can reveal the FOs! Only, I didn't even think to take a picture of Friend A's. No matter. I knitted them both Pocketbook Slippers from this online pattern. Just imagine that Friend A's are completely heathered fawn color, with embroidered red mohair (very rustically embroidered) A's and hearts on them.

Here's a picture of me modeling my sister's. Aren't they hilarious? I love the little pointed toe they create. They're a fun, very quick knit. My gauge wasn't quite the same as what was called for, and so I knitted fewer inches in the K2, P2 section of the pattern.

I also added a little pompom to my sister's pair, just for a little flair. All of the yarns used here and for Friend A's slippers were stash yarns. I'm very proud of my self-restraint.

Here's the finished hat I made for Lil' MC. It's small, but something tells me it'll still be a bit big for a newborn. Maybe he'll fit it by the time I get to visit in late May! I knit the hat in the round out of stash yarns, using size 6 dpns, and a cast on of 72 stitches. I used the 3 needle bind off to close up the top, and then added little green and white tassels to the top corners. It'll look sort of like a little court jester's cap when his round little head fills up the cap and the corners hang down, as I demonstrate above. Cute!

Here's the gift package I sent to my sister. You'll notice that there is also a Black Apple print in there. We just love her! My sis has a very cute little house full of whimsical things, and I think the pear girl will fit in perfectly. Not visible, but tied behind Lil' MC's hat in the upper right is another Etsy purchase, a baby rattle made of cherry wood by Stump Pond Toys.

Happy birthdays Sister J, Friend A and (soon) Lil' MC!


Jennifer said...

What a fantastic, and very thoughtful, package of gifts. The baby hat is precious! I'm glad you tried on the slippers, because I couldn't quite understand how they looked until you demonstrated. They're awesome...and a little bit similar to mary janes in a way?

I hope you're feeling better now, by the way.

goodkarma said...

Those slippers are hilarious! hee hee! I'm sure your sister will get lots of use out of them, especially being home with a new baby.

I love the picture of you on the sidebar... it's very New York!

Elena said...

Such qute gifts - the slippers and the etsy shop things! And wow, you're such an etsy pro! How do you find all those shops? Oh, and I love the photos of your neighbourhood!