Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fall Back to Basics

I'd promised I would have a few cowls in the shop by this weekend, but after a long and exhausting work week of board meetings and other challenges, I realized that I'll have to push the release back a week. I have the first cowl all ready to go -- just need to find the time to photograph it, but anyway I'd like to shoot a bunch of them all at once so it'll wait. Here's a preliminary shot I took this morning:

I decided to do a run of the cowls in the same yarn I'm using to make the Upper East Slouch hats and the Brawl on Bowery mitts. These cowls are muuuuch softer, fluffier, and drapier than the Golden and Pewter Fleece cowls I made for myself and Sarah (out of bulky tweed yarn). I kinda want to keep this version for myself! I'm calling this dlittlegarden hand knit version the Christopher Street Cowl.

Since I realized that I needed more time to crank out a few more Christopher Streets for the shop, I had time this lovely sunny Sunday to enjoy my sweet dog. Cinder and I decided a walk to Prospect Park to admire the autumn foliage was in order. We enjoyed a meandering path down through Prospect Heights, stopping to sniff a few fire hydrants and peer into the windows of a few townhouses on the market along the way.

Unfortunately, our camera batteries died before we reached the park, but we had quite a memorable romp around the grounds. Cinder loves plowing through the crunchy, spicy smelling leaves and playing tug-o-war with me over found twigs. We made our way into the nature trails, and just as we were peacefully crossing a stone bridge over a horse trail, a giant leaf fluttered its way down and landed on Cind's head! It startled us both for a second, and we looked at each other with shocked faces. I feel so happy having moments to connect with my dog. I know it might seem silly to some, but he grounds me.


malcomama said...

Aren't fall leaves a total delight? At the cottage, we're drowning in teensy maple leaves in burgundy and fire colors. After trying my best to tidy up in the front yard yesterday, I got a blister the size of a dime! It's just pounds of them for weeks here until we take about 3 trips with a full pick-up to the leaf drop, and then everything is naked...

Anonymous said...

M&D's mansion was covered in leaves as well.. until recently. Hahaha, I tried my best to contribute last weekend and had an adrenaline rush to rake leaves! Now you can actually their lawns! LOL -Ted