Monday, March 02, 2009


Last week two friends came to me with handknits I'd made, hoping I could help keep them in running order. After my recent post about selfish knitting, I found myself spending the weekend darning some well-loved mitts and putting alpaca through a series of gentle rinses. It's a nice reminder that the gifts I knit for people are really cherished.


Anonymous said...

Haha. Start the "selfish" knitting today !!!!:) It is indeed great feeling when your handknitted gifts are well used and loved.
For me I did inventory on my stash. I snipped a little swatches and organized by their weight. Now I have reference binder that I know how many yards of each yarn I have. I am knitting CPH in malabrigo and yum. This yarn just melts in your hand.

Hope you had good weekend:)

malcomama said...

such a sweet realization, D. Your crafts are very wearable, comforting, and pretty. I LOVE my collection of D-goods.

my greatest intervention said...

still in the mode of maintenance? salute.