Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Persimmon Lunch

Last Friday Tom and I enjoyed a terrific tofu dressing- and cucumber kimchi- making demonstration and a tasting lunch at Persimmon with Chef Youngsun Lee. Some of you might remember that I took a kimchi making course from Youngsun last year at ICE. This was closed lunch service was also one of their offerings, and well worth the money! We indulged in 4 "small plates" (the highlight for me was the deep fried Chinese eggplant in a tofu, lime and Korean miso dressing as well as the salted napa cabbage, radish kimchi and braised pork belly rolls), one large entree each (of course I chose the kimchi jji gae!), a lovely summery dessert of a flan-like ginger tofu in a white wine and honey glaze, and tasted two different rice wines, along with lightly sweet traditional Korean sweet snacks (I'm hooked on the spongy, chewy sweet potato cake!) and an iced roasted barley/corn tea. Delicious! I'll definitely be going back for dinner service soon.


malcomama said...

what a culinary adventure! The squash blossom looks so delicate and tasty!

Lagelle said...

such yumminess, I want some btw come visit www.lagelledailydose.blogspot.com
it's cuestaray from flickr ;-)