Wednesday, February 17, 2010

tasty Valentine

burrata (negroni)
quail in bread sauce "peara"
broccoli rabe with toasted garlic
peche melba

speck sandwich with argula (medici ermete, 'concerto' lambrusco, italy)
braised rabbit legs in vinegar sauce
escarole with lamb sausage (planeta, cometa, fiano di sicilia, italy '06)
lady fingers, brandy cherries and champagne

Valentine's Day dinner at Prune!
Thank you, Honey. I had the best time!


malcomama said...

Borrowed a bib from Margot to wipe the drool off my chin...

Anonymous said...

Haha cute comment Jaz! Wow! I better get back to NY soon so Daren can take me to Prune for a Man-Date! Hahahaha :P -Ted