Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Project +/-

I just logged in to my flickr account for the first time in a while.  Commenting on fellow Wardrobe Remixer's outfits, uploading and writing my outfit description and carefully cataloguing it used to be a daily ritual for me.  I miss it in some ways -- I miss the great people I was in contact with, but I just cannot get myself to get back on that track.  Part of this has to do with relocating my home again, which resulted in over half my wardrobe being put into storage.  So these days, I'm remixing from a much smaller selection than before.

But the main reason I can't get myself to do Wardrobe Remix anymore is because I realized I had some competing personalities in my closet, collected over the span of time I've been buying my own clothes (pretty much from age 15/16), and I've really only been feeling like one personality lately.  Call it settling down, growing up, or possibly being in a fashion rut... whatever.  Anyway, today, flipping through my Wardrobe Remix photo set, I saw how little I actually "remix"ed.  I mean, yeah.  I wore the same work-appropriate dress to work several times, but how much of that is really my style as opposed to a need to look a certain way in the office, and then addin some "flair" on top of it?

So I'm starting a new little experimental project of my own.  Time to focus.  I'm calling it Project +/- on my flickr page, and I'll be posting the pictures here too -- items from my closet that I'm getting rid of because they don't fit my personal style for whatever reason (many of the items worn once or less).

The Rules
Based roughly on the initial idea of Laws of General Economy, I plan to ask a reasonable price for each item, based on label, condition and the price I originally paid.  I will state a price for each item posted, and it will include USPS shipping within the U.S.  If you're interested in purchasing something, send me an email to  If you'd like insurance or speedier delivery, let me know in your email and I can see what I can do.  In the event of several interested parties, I will respond in a first come, first served manner.  Payment will be through Paypal.  If there are no takers, meh.  I'll donate the stuff to my favorite local thrift shop.

Oh, I forgot to say, the other (more fun for me) part of Project +/- will be evaluating what's left in my closet, and determining what gaps exist.  Then I get to buy myself new shiny things that fill those gaps until I can truly remix my wardrobe with the verve I'd like to.  I plan on musing on that topic on the blog too.

Sooo, without further ado, my first two items:

Pringle of Scotland
100% Cashmere
chunky lattice lace knit cape/poncho with double collar, cuffs, and hem

This sweater is remarkable -- the ultimate luxury.  It is so soft and warm and unique!  I have never worn this item aside from throwing it over my head once when it first arrived in the mail.  It's a "one size" item, with some stretch thanks to the lattice knit, but would likely fit a small/medium best.  The cashmere is SO thick and is a beautiful medium grey.  When I got it, it had the original tags (with an original price tag of over $1,000!).  I took those off, so this sweater would come to you without hang tags, but otherwise in brand new condition.  I did not pay $1000 for it, not even close.

I'm asking $100, including shipping as stated in the Rules. 

Vince Camuto Snakeskin strappy heels in "Violet"
Size 8

This gorgeous pair of heels was worn once by me for a typical day in the office -- sitting at my desk.  I've included a photo of the leather sole to show that original black is still in-tact.  Great shoes.  Sturdy, sexy, colorful (but not tacky).  Just not me.  They'll come to you in their original box.

I'm asking $30, including shipping as stated in the Rules.



DawnMarie said...

I am loving this sweater. Darn you with those size 8 feet. I need size 9.

I hope your move has been for happy circumstances and postive changes. I like your idea of re evaluation. My closet needs to be examined and re thought.

eek said...

I have wondered where you have been. Hope your move has been going ok! I love those shoes but alas, I am more of 7-7.5.

Good luck with your closet cleaning!

melanie said...

i've been going through a similar process myself... i haven't posted to WR in months, and while it's interesting (and sometimes embarrassing) to look at my old WR photos, i've lost a lot of the desire to showcase my own outfits. however, these days i'm "remixing" pieces more than ever, in an effort to purge my closet and wear only things i really love and want to keep.

good luck with your own purge (and move)! sadly, you are a couple sizes too small for me...