Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Clapotis of Thunder

My Clapotis is finally growing! It is so satisfying to drop stitches in the 3rd section of the pattern, let me tell you. Sundara's yarn is so beautiful. I think this is the perfect pattern to show off the luminocity and variation in the strands.

I haven't stepped outside yet, but it sure is dreary out there. Both overcast and humid. It looks like the sky could open up at any moment and start dumping rain and steam on us. There are continual thunder rumblings outside, and tomorrow's forecast is not looking better.

I've walked so much in the past week, I've done some sort of damage to my left hip! It feels like a strain right in the joint. Since I have nothing on my agenda for the day (I'm waiting with fingers crossed on two different positions I interviewed for yesterday and Monday), I'm taking advantage of the free time to knit and pretend I'm on vacation instead of job hunting. Oh, and I'll need to unpack the rest of my boxes sometime today too...but for now let's ignore that.


Sundara said...

So pretty! I started a Clapotis of my very own right after you left, but I haven't dropped any stitches yet. I'm jealous! Oh, and Shelby finished her Clap - it is GORGEOUS!!

noblinknits said...

That is so beautiful - made by hand but not ugly at all. Definitely take a bit of a break (but then I always recommend having a nice cup of tea and a sit down).

Aubrey said...

I must compliment you (and Sundra) on that beautiful color way. I couldn't hold out any longer and made my own Clapotis out of Fleece Artist. The colorway I used looks uncannily like the one you've chosen. It'll be great when fall arrives and you can wear it, no?