Friday, July 28, 2006

New York companions

I've learned the Cingular doesn't have the best reputation on Manhattan island. Calls are dropped left and right. It was so frustrating for me, waiting to hear back from my prospective employers and not knowing if my phone would pick up the call. So I switched to T Mobile, which is much better. I even get reception in my apartment! Hurrah. And I love my new phone, too. I feel like such a New Yorker. It's sleek and high tech and most importantly, wearing all black.

I picked up the book Gotham on my last visit here, and in recent weeks I've been totally absorbed in the history of New York. It's something that I didn't learn much about in school, since our studies focused on northwest history. I'm finding it fascinating. I've never lived in a place this old. I love walking around the neighborhood and discovering a new historic plaque.


noblinknits said...

Congratulations on the job! I love the hat. I'm thinking of making a hat now, hmmmmm.

boospa said...

dlittlegarden, it is great to hear your relief and joy about the job ... now it will be easier to enjoy the big city experience. How is your hip doing?