Tuesday, December 12, 2006

another FO photographed on the same ol' background

I give you my roommate's commissioned scarf! Lil' B, as he's known around these parts, will look dashing in this smart accessory made to match his Paul Smith wardrobe. He wanted something that would blend well with his career clothes, but with a little something unexpected. I appreciate the way New Yorkers blend brown, grey and black in that very sophisticated, Metropolitan way, so I used both grey (Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky in Koala Bear) and brown chunky alpaca (from KnitPicks) for the primary stripes in this scarf. I then visited the Paul Smith shop window on 5th Ave. as well as the online store, and noted that there's a bright teal would stand out nicely against the somber neutrals (Cascade's Baby Alpacea Carribean used here). The stitch used is mistake rib, at 33 stitches per row on size 10 straights. This sucker is blocked and ready to be worn. I'll try to guilt Lil'B into doing a modeled shot for the blog this week. Watch for it!

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aja said...

I love those colors, the bit of teal is a great touch and its one of my favorite colors- Lucky roommate!