Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm Back in the New York Groove

I arrived via the redeye from PDX to JFK this morning at 9:04 (an hour later than planned), waited in line for a taxi forabout 50 minutes, and was huffing up my Gramercy stairs with impossibly overstuffed bags at around 11:00 am. I am so relieved to be home. Don't get me wrong, visiting with family and friends was really terrific and needed, but I'm happy to veg out until New Year's Eve now. I plan to order in a lot of sushi tonight, and give myself a pedicure.

I also plan to post lots of pictures of my trip and recall certain memories for your reading pleasure. But for now, I must nap. I leave you with a few random photos taken on the trip.

My junior prom dress (50s vintage) rediscovered while cleaning out my old bedroom closet

One of Jenna's plushies enjoying some northwest seasonal microbrews....

A very early knitted scarf made of thrifted mohair. I think the lumpy imperfections on this are really charming.

My adorable, grumpy cat Libby in her clubhouse

An unfinished crocheted belt I worked on years ago, and a vintage 70s dress I've never worn

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