Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hmm, tornados in NYC?

This morning at 6 PM we experienced a seriously intense storm. The rolls of thunder were so fast and thick I couldn't tell where one ended and the other began. The rain flash flooded the subway system, and I finally made it in to work at 12:30 PM today, after tromping around in rainboots in 80 degree weather with 88% humidity, trying to find an open train station, giving up and watching the ridiculousness on tv for a few hours, and attempting again once some of the train system was up and running again. I find it funny that whenI mention to a New Yorker that I'm from the northwest I often get, "It rains like 95% of the year over there, doesn't it? Why would anyone want to live there?" when the sudden, violent and tropical summer rains here are so much worse. Granted, it seems that this kind of weather wasn't always typical here.

On the up side, while monitoring the MTA website for updates this morning, I casted on for another summer knit (think I might be hooked)! This time, it's the lace bolero from Kelly's blog. I'm using the orange yarn pictured in my latest Elann delivery- Gedifra Beauty Cotton in Marmalade.

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Jennifer said...

I saw pictures of the damage in Brooklyn, due to the tornado!! I was actually just checking your blog to ease my mind that you're okay. Strange right? We don't know each other. That said, I'm really glad that you posted about it. Consider my mind eased!