Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weekend Bits

This weekend is all-around lovely. It started early, thanks to "summer Fridays" at work, which means I get to leave at 1 pm. From there, I ran some errands and then headed to a big sample sale of various designer jeans brands. Oops, I bought a pair of tough-looking Taverniti So skinny jeans and a pair of light-weight, wide legged Chip & Peppers! Ah, New York, I love you and your sample sales.

Today's weather was totally perfect- mid to high 70s, fluffy white clouds and sunshine. I swept and mopped the apartment, did laundry, the walked around in Central Park a bit and read some more of Knitting Heaven and Earth. And I finished weaving in the ends on my Razor Cami. Perhaps there will be pictures to share soon?

Now I'm enjoying some cool cantaloupe and indulging in a The Hills marathon on MTV. In a bit, I'll work some more on my Lacy Bolero (the yarn pictured above is for the bolero). I need to finish it soon, since the yarn for K's baby girl has arrived, and I need to get her project started before she grows out of the size I'm planning on knitting!

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goodkarma said...

That sounds like the best possible way to begin a weekend. Enjoy the rest of it!