Wednesday, July 30, 2008


You may have noticed that the SwoC posts have swiftly tapered to non-extant. There are a series of reasons for that, some of them benign and a few a bit alarming.... First, I've been consumed with work these days and find it too challenging to do more than the occasionally reblog of something I saw somewhere else. Second, for the most part, SwoC has become very routine for me, and I have few serious moments of temptation. That being said, the third reason I've avoided a SwoC post lately is because I had another slip-up. I bought new clothes. Online, nonetheless- they had to be shipped to me, causing senseless use of packing materials for the landfill and more carbon emissions. But...I think it was worth it.

To be truthful, while the first month of buying no new clothes was very rewarding, I found by the end of it that I'd come to a new understanding of my consumer habits vs. my actual needs. To be sure, I had been shopping waaaay too much, and for that reason I'm glad I embarked on this SwoC journey. BUT, I also realized that what my wardrobe lacked, despite constant new additions, was a solid base of tried-and-true classics that I could always turn to in order to look and feel stylish, and most importantly, like myself. The thing that made me realize this was my love for my Rogan for Target khaki shirt dress- one of the last new items before SwoC. I've worn it more times than most things in my closet in just one short month, and I gazed at the black version online, kicking myself for not having bought it as well while I was still allowed. Recently, all the Rogan stuff went on clearance, and I just jumped on it (and several other items). I figure I'll wear these items more often, which surely justifies the $10-$20 price tag of the clearance items, and also falls into my fresh understanding of my wardrobe needs. If I have a closet full of items I love, all the frivolous, cheap material, poor quality, trend items I used to pick up at F21 will no longer be needed. I'm not saying I'll get rid of the trend items I currently own, and certainly not that I won't purchase discount clothes again (hello? Target Go line), but I'm saying I'll think more deeply before running to the checkout line.

Aside from the Rogan slip-up (oops, I just realized that both of my SwoC hiccups were for Rogan items- both regular black label and the Target stuff), I have also allowed myself to buy some vintage items on the cheap via eBay and etsy (yes, shipping again!). But again, these items were purchased with more thought, and I'm certain they'll be getting a lot of wear.

As for Style without Consuming, I'm still sticking to it, but on new terms. I will not step into any clothing store just cause it's payday, or I feel like I deserve a treat. I will not buy all the cute, cheap trend items I can find. I will purchase items to fill holes in my wardrobe, carefully considering their versatility and how I'll feel wearing them. For the month of August, I plan to continue with strictly no new clothing shopping- sticking to thrift stores and maybe eBay and etsy.

Stay tuned.

Me in my vintage lemon yellow heavy linen dress with scalloped bodice and pocket detail from eBay


malcomama said...

That lemon dress is like a dream--such precise prettiness, without making it obvious. And linen! My absolute favorite fabric now, both for wearing and sewing with!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I remember seeing that dress on w_r and going "Wow!". It's one of the most beautiful day dresses I've ever seen, seriously.

SWoC is hard. I'm so impressed that you've absorbed it into your daily life and it isn't such a conscious effort anymore.

I completely agree with you about the classic pieces as well - when I step back and take a long, hard look at my wardrobe, I see a lot of trendy pieces but fewer basic, classic things that I can mix in with the trendier stuff to make a classic look. Those things are real investments.