Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rockin in the Free World

Last night I went to see Neil Young play Madison Square Garden, with Wilco and Everest opening for him (along with surprise backup vocals by the Watson Twins!). I had a blast, and Neil totally rocked the house. I'd seen Neil Young before -- my first concert ever in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. I was there as a middle schooler to see Pearl Jam, but after Eddie Vedder got sick during the first song, Neil Young stepped in and played all afternoon. I didn't appreciate him much then, but now I do. Amazing show!


malcomama said...

A great memory of that momentous concert, D! We got so sun-burnt!!! :(

Violet Folklore said...

He has really grown on me, too! I used to actually not like his voice at all... but now I get all choked up when I hear a Neil Young song come on the radio. I guess it's so many years and so many roadtrips and different situations where he is playing... the guy gets around, and he will work his way into your heart!!! (: