Thursday, January 08, 2009

small dream space

Now that it's just me, I'm wrestling with the idea of downsizing to a smaller space in the building. Not happy with it at all, but this cozy little picture gives me some hope.

Via Aberjona


malcomama said...

Absolutely adorable! I've always loved small living spaces, despite their limitations. It would be neat and organized, by necessity, and just crammed with your pretty possessions. Lovely!

megan said...

I'm not sure which issues, but Domino has done loads of features on small living spaces. They always mange to make them seem chic and livable.

april said...

Small spaces are so lovely! I kind of miss my little one room bachelor pad! I was definitely way more organized when I lived there... now I have room to sprawl out my messes and just close the door on any artistic clutter that I've got going on! That photo above looks so perfect! Just warm and cozy looking! It makes me happy just looking at it!