Monday, April 13, 2009

Tattoo: Phase 2

Had the shading done on my tattoo on Saturday. Ouch.
This session was a bit more trying to sit (or lay, as it were) through.
There was blood, oh yes. Still managed fine and again almost fell asleep,
but afterwards I was pretty much exhausted.
I took a hard hour-long nap when I got home and felt as if I had a
migraine coming on when I woke up.
So worth it, though! The shot above was taken right after my sitting,
before the redness really set in. I'm so excited to see how the tattoo will look after my final session in 2 weeks when the color's added.
Check out the roots and face! So different from before....

1 comment:

malcomama said...

The roots are so dramatic! I'm amazed...great stoicism, D!