Friday, July 30, 2010

staycation, of a kind

last weekend we had a staycation, of a kind, as we stayed in New York but not at our apartment.  we checked in to the Mercer Hotel in SoHo on Saturday.  we had one of the best celeb sightings ever - MIA on Mercer Street!  she's itty bitty and as beautiful in person as in photos, or more so.  after drinks and dinner at Cafe Habana we saw Exit Through the Giftshop at Sunshine.  (great film -- the first half is energetic, raw and inspiring and the second half is so much faux realism, it might be real...?)  the next afternoon we had lunch at Jean George's Mercer Kitchen.  perfect New York weekend!

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malcomama said...

This sounds so nice!!! I'd love to do that with Nate...a girl can dream! :)