Saturday, September 04, 2010

Pisco Sour Tasting and Street Art Gazing in Barranco, Lima, Peru

La Canta Rana

The Bridge of Sighs

Inside La Canta Rana

Pisco Sours and pickled white beans, and toasted salted hominy

Our second to last day in Lima, we decided to explore Barranco on our own, after having briefly visited with Hernan a few days before.  We ate at La Canta Rana again, a great little cevicheria and bar owned by a retired Argentinian futbol player.  We drank piscos and watched the World Cup game next to a bunch of french people.  

This was our favorite district visited in Lima -- artistic and a bohemian.

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malcomama said...

just saturated with impromptu (?) art!