Sunday, June 08, 2008

SwoC: 10-16 Another week down!

Well, I've completed my second week of SwoC, and I'm feelin' good! Though, I must admit that I felt rather uninspired when getting dressed all workweek. I did find a TON of inspiration, and a good excuse to keep with my SwoC pledge- New York City thrift stores! Can you believe that before this week, I'd never bothered to try shopping them? I assumed that all the good stuff would be picked-over beyond hope, but I was wrong. After work one day, I stopped off at some thrift stores that stand next to each other on 23rd Street. Lo and behold, I found some fabulous stuff- most of it unworn. I found both new with tags labels like Banana Republic, French Connection, Helmut Lang, Donna Karan, John Varvatos, etc., and true vintage in great condition. The prices were a bit higher than what I'm used to, but still very affordable. It made me realize, that with the high turnover of hardly-to-never worn brands in the thrift stores, there's really never any need for me to go to the actual store.... The trick is finding just what you're looking for when you need it.


noblinknits said...

What great outfits. I'm thinking of going back to work and I feel really inspired.

malcomama said...

Plus, a bonus: it's more fun that way! :)

shayna said...

oh red shirt outfit! fantastic!