Sunday, June 01, 2008

FO: Lil'MC's Blockie Blanket

In honor of Lil'MC's first birthday, I'd been working on knitting him a blanket. I finished just in time to deliver it in person during my visit to Portland earlier this week. The shape is a bit wonky as I picked up and knit from various edges of the growing blankie (which started with the "M" square). The little man seemed to like it, which is all that matters- he grabbed it with his fists, balled it up into a huggable form, then ran his fingers over all the ridges, smiling.


malcomama said...

SOOOOOOOOO beautiful...We love it: He lays his head down on it when he wants to cuddle up and sleep! :)

Jennifer said...

I'm *trying* to get caught up on your blog. Wow, I've missed a lot. This blanket is so sweet! I love the colours, and the personalized "M".