Saturday, May 31, 2008

SwoC: Days 5-9

I've just returned to Brooklyn from Portland, and feel very satisfied. I had an amazing time visiting with my family and friends, I successfully kicked back and unwound, I thrifted some amazing items, and I kept to my SwoC pledge in spite of the temptations. In the remaining 4 days of my trip to Portland, my sister and I visited one more thrift store: my favorite Salvation Army. This time, I had some terrific luck in the shop department, finding some cute 70s woven sandals that I will likely add to my etsy shop since I have a similar pair, some perfectly broken-in army boots, pristine deerskin moccasins, and an interesting pair of deadstock slip-on canvas shoes. I also had lots of luck in the skirt department, pulling possibly my favorite thrift item of the trip- a cotton madras full skirt with navy buttons down the front and hidden seam pockets. I went shopping with my mom and sister, and in spite of finding an adorable bubble sleeved green linen dress, I refrained from buying. My mom even offered the tempting thought that it wouldn't count against my SwoC pledge if she were to buy the dress for me! I held strong, and I'm happy I did.

Tomorrow I'll try to get all of my photos in order and post some of the non-shopping related content from my trip. I'm still chuckling about all the great moments I had with Lil'MC, who is now a little over a year old and the best natured person I've ever encountered. He has such a strong personality, and in these months before he finds his words, his expressive face is working overtime.

To my family and friends in Oregon: Thank you so much for spending time with me this week! I had a great time and can't wait to come back to visit again.

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malcomama said...

We had an awesome week of adventures and hang-time with you, D! Thank you, again, for making the journey...Hoping we get to see you again in a couple months!!!