Thursday, May 22, 2008


Let's face it: I'm a born shopper. Living in New York City has been a verrrry risky endeavor for me- there's good shopping at every price point here. I'm also an avid online shopper. I've joked about my shopping habits and "shopping therapy" many times, but recently, as my awareness of environmental issues grows, those jokes aren't so funny. I'm obsessively recycling and reusing packaging, buying organic when I can, limiting my use of electricity and water... but I haven't been reducing my fashion consumption. Even before coming to New York my closets bulged at the seams.

So now, after avoiding it for some time, I'm pledging to not buy another piece of new clothing.

For a month. (baby steps here, guys)

I am also pledging not to buy anything, clothing or otherwise, online for a month. (The packaging that comes with buying something online is ridiculous. I recently bought a $3 ceramic cup on sale at that was wrapped in tissue and cushion-y paper 10x the cup's volume. Not to mention the carbon output of having the item shipped from warehouse to my house.)

Am I afraid of what this new challenge will do to my daily outfits for Wardrobe Remix? No, actually, I'm excited to see what I'll come up with! I've noticed that I don't get to type "remixed" next tothe listed articles of clothing that I wear nearly enough. I still have items in my closet with the tags on them, so I have a backlog to work through. I will be pulling inspiration heavily from this project, which I read avidly as it unfolded, and will now reference once again during my own adventure.

I am, however, afraid of how I'll feel through this process. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that, but those jokes I make about retail therapy have truth to them. If you're curious to see how I do with this, please stay check back! I plan on posting more regularly in order to record any realizations or rants that I encounter along the way.


Thomas said...

In the last month I have bought so many new things that I worried I was suffering from depression. It's an understandable concern.

Lately I've become more focused on what I can make, and wanting to leave something behind that wasn't just a mountain of packaging. So I understand you completely.

All the best with your pledge.

Unicorns Have Whiskers said...

I will be following your endeavor! My long time dream is to have a well edited closet with only stuff I love and wear. But now I'm pregnant on my 4th month and that limits my wardrobe choices more and more as time passes. What I try to do though, is buy as few actual maternity clothes as possible, as I think they are boring as heck and it's a complete waste wearing them only for a couple of months. I'm thankful that the shops have a lot of stretchy A-line, loose tunics and dresses that I can get if I need something new,and continue to wear them after I get my old shape back. So I'm trying to stick to my (new) principle of only buying what I love even if I now have to consider my growing size too.