Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SwoC: Days 3 and 4

I'm staying at my parents' house in Portland, Oregon now, and the loophole I left for myself to thrift shop has come in veeeery handy in the last two days.

above: my loot from Goodwill
On Sunday, my sister and I decided we would head to just one thrift store while my nephew was being watched by our mom. We decided to hit our favorite Goodwill at a *secret location* just outside Portland city limits. Man, did we score! I think a lot of the times I'm super successful thrifting, it's all about my attitude when I step through the door. This time, I didn't set my expectations too high- it was the weekend, mid-day, and I had all week to find some good stuff. Plus, we were only going to that one store instead of the 2 or 3 that we normally hit in one day, so I didn't feel rushed. Right out of the gate, we found some adorable items in the jewelry case: for me a wooden necklace with elephants, zebras and giraffes on it and a 70s patinaed gold necklace with a pendant of a tiny rose trapped in yellowed resin. My sister sorted throught the brooches and quickly pulled out an adorable old silver pin with a fork and spoon on it and a gold heart and arrow pin. The latter two items we ended up trading each other before checkout. Next we moved on to the women's blouses and pulled some great stuff. We went through the place systematically and were both completely pleased with our finds. Standing at checkout and looking at our distinct piles, our two styles were extremely evident. My sister, who is much more into pastels and charming shabby chic style, had stacks of pretty, faded cotton prints and cute kitchenwares. I think my vintage style is a bit more bold, and this was evident by looking at my stack of red handkerchief prints, lime green and brown striped cotton fabric, and navy blue gingham. I did end up buying some things that may be a bit too hip for me to pull off, but I just couldn't resist. I figure, if I end up not wearing it I can always put it in my etsy shop.

above: thrifted vintage shoes and

What I Wore May 25

First thing in the morning yesterday, my sister and I carried out our plan to shop the Memorial Day Sale at Value Village, when everything is 50% off. Again, we made out like bandits! This time, I had my eye out for items to put in my etsy store, dreams of a super-fabulous vintage shop growing in my head. While my sister headed straight for the ceramicware, I shot off towards the far wall, lined with scarves and fur collars. Among my loot, I found a wonderful wool picnic blanket in mustard and brown buffalo plaid, a mens classic wool tartan Pendelton jacket, and some delicate voile puffy sleeved girls' blouses.

above: What I Wore May 26

So, for two days straight, and not very far into my quest to not buy new clothes for a month, I've succeeded in buying a closetful of clothes! But for the purposes of my SwoC month, I'm still doing well. I supported two local charity shops, bought old clothes that had been worn and discarded by their previous wearer, and everything was neatly tossed into one large plastic bag (not wrapped in layers of elegant tissue paper and bubble wrap and shipped across the world to me).


malcomama said...

Great account, D. Two days of thrifting = FUN! I had actually abstained from going to my usual haunts for a while, too, in order to make it a really special experience. It was: we KILLED, as you say! Ha! I especially enjoyed your explanation of our distinct thrift aesthetics. It really does go back to "Pup" vs. "Ladydog." We were on to something way back then!

night.owl said...

Wow, what great finds! Is that blue bag also thrifted? It is beautiful. And there are those lovely white shoes... and I agree, thrifting is a generous, giving thing, that just happens to leave you with goodies at the end. This is a good thing!

Briana said...

Oh do share where the secretly located goodwill is... As a portland I'd love to know.

dlittlegarden said...

Hi Brianna! Welllll, I think my sister might want to strangle me, but it's the Goodwill on McGoughlin, south of Milwaukie. Not actually sure what town it technically falls in.... :)