Friday, February 03, 2012

cleanse afternoon update

Day 1, PM update:

Wow, I did not expect to feel or experience the things I did today on the cleanse.  I was told the second and/or third days are the worst in terms of symptoms of expelling toxins, so I'm not sure if it's hitting me more quickly than most, or if I have even more of a hurdle ahead of me in the coming days.  I'm feeling bloated and the activity in my stomach has been constant.  I've been visiting the restroom about every 20 minutes, and at one point in the early afternoon I almost thought I couldn't continue the cleanse while still working because it was so disruptive (...and erruptive -- sorry if TMI).  It's now 4:30 and I've finished my 4th juice (a pineapple ginger dealy) and somehow feel a little more settled.  I still have a mild headache and keep forgetting that I'm not eating food while on the cleanse. I haven't eaten anything but the notion to order a salad or grab an apple keeps coming to mind.

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