Thursday, February 02, 2012

juice cleanse, day 1

I'm doing my very first juice cleanse, starting today.  I'm excited to see and feel the differences this will make.  After being in Argentina and Uruguay, the holidays, and winter eating habits, I felt a little weighed-down from all the meat-focused meals I've been eating. While I also have some healthy habits, such as starting every day with oatmeal and eating lots of leafy greens and whole grains, I'm hoping this cleanse will help me reset my eating habits and cravings. I'm drinking 6 vegetable juices daily over 5 days from this great place that recently opened around the corner, along with tons of lemon water and green tea. I thought I'd record my experience here.  So,

Day 1, AM: 

I got up a bit late today and so only had time for 1 cup of hot lemon water before leaving, whereas I usually have a bowl of oatmeal with honey, homemade yogurt, blueberries and flax seed, and a cup and a half of coffee with whole milk.  Felt fine until around 8:30 at my desk at the office, when I noticed a dull headache.  Drank more hot lemon water, and at 9:00 started in on my first juice, a kale, apple, etc. blend.  Still had the headache and realized I had no caffeine yet, so made myself a large mug of green tea, then downed a glass of plain water.  I started feeling mildly hungry and noticed some stomach growling.  At 11:00 I opened up my second juice, a goji berry green tea, and added some psyllium husk for fiber.  I instantly realized I should have had this one earlier in the day, as it made me feel full and totally satisfied even before drinking half.  This one took me around 35 minutes to finish, then I followed up with a tall glass of lemon water. 

I am noticing a lot of activity in my stomach, which is promising. I also feel a bit dreamy and shaky.  I didn't expect that my body would notice the difference between my normal routine and the cleanse this quickly.  I am also realizing how much I think about sweet snacks in the late morning, and how many are readily available in the office.  I've already been offered peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cookies and a chai latte. 

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