Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Wish List

- Anything made by Ayumi Horie, so my birthday mug won't be lonely

- Several big bottles of Flying Fox, before Lush discontinues it (?!?!)

- Tromp l'oiel-ish booties, like these and these

- This fantastic bag

- One of these guys

- Fifi's favorites

- More prints from Ashely G

- Statement buttons

- Opaque legs

- A Feather Fascinator from KissCurl

- a Fatboy

- and lots of means to buy yarn (gift cards, people)


Jennifer said...

Those boots are hilarious! Love 'em!

malcomama said...

What GORGEOUS Etsy goods! I'm in love with the items you've pointed out...I've gotta look for myself, if anything, for inspiration.

shayna said...

oh what great links! ouch. i can feel my pockets emptying out....