Thursday, November 22, 2007


(Thanksgiving morning with cognac pumpkin cheesecake and coffee....)

I am so incredibly thankful this year for the health of my loved ones. My Pepere, who is a father to eleven children, husband to an amazingly loving woman, veteran paratrooper of World War II, successful self-made man and so much more, has fought hard for his life over the past month and has surprised us all with his amazing strength. He is RECOVERING! Thank you, blog friends, for your support.


goodkarma said...

Happy Thanksgiving, dearie! Health and strength to Pepere, as well. I'm glad to hear he's doing so much better.

malcomama said...

Yes! I'm also so thankful for the strength of both Pepere's in our lives...we are so lucky to be theirs. And, we've so far been soooooo lucky to have mostly health in our family, overall. I love you!