Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bag Tag

I was bag tagged a month ago by the awesome Shayna. I absolutely love sharing the mundane details of my life with you- that's why this blog exists! So here goes. Here's what can be found in my bag:

The fine print, clockwise:
- Kenneth Cole distressed black leather biker-chic bag
- Blue mesh coin purse with sequins, a gift from my sister maybe 8 years ago
- Le Sportsac makeup bag
- pocket tissue
- Elizabeth Arden blush and shadow kit in pinks and browns
- MAC concealer
- MAC Studio Fix powder foundation
- Lush Flying Fox fragrance balm
- Bourgois lip gloss
- MAC lip glass in Nymphette
- Moisturizing Chap Stick
- Burt's Bees Fig lip gloss
- random Korean cartoon drawstring bag with Ibuprofen inside
- 80's Esprit hunter's plaid scarf, originally my aunt's
- Marc by Marc Jacobs fingerless gauntlets, birthday gift from friend S
- BAM movie stub
- useless for texting/game playing/dialing Motorola RAZR
- my knitted hat
- thrifted lavender suede wallet from Goodwill in Portland, OR

I tag anyone who's interested!


Jennifer said...

There is no way anyone is going to see all of the stuff in my bag! It's mostly useless receipts, which I don't know why I put there in the first place. Ibuprofen...gotta have it!

malcomama said...

I'll always covet that pretty little purple suede pocket book...great find!