Sunday, February 17, 2008

An excercise in vanity

Inspired by Piksi, Midwest Jess, Susie Bubble and the countless others who post pictures of their daily wardrobe online, I've started a What I Wore photoset on my Flickr page, which I plan on finally maintaining with regularity. The main reason I'm doing this is guilt, not vanity. See, I'm a wonderful shopper, and yet in recent years I've lost the confidence to wear creative and expressive outfits. Instead, I fall into a routine of v neck sweater and trousers for work (I'll add a chunky necklace or more often a scarf once at my desk); knock-around Levi's, running shoes and my Brooklyn Industries hoodie on the weekend (or "dress it up" by wearing skinny jeans and boots instead). While that has proven fine and functional, I feel guilty each time I open my closet and see all the great things I've collected over the years and rarely- if ever- worn. Talk about wasteful! Not to mention, I used to get so much joy out of creating looks for myself, based on my mood and tasks for the day. New York City is the least judgmental place I've ever lived in, so why hold back on a creative outlet I used to love? On the occassions when I have made more of an effort, I always feel better about myself. So this has come about organically as a resolution that I'm going to work on this year- caring about how I dress. It's selfish, vain and trite maybe, but I can't help thinking that this little indulgence could make positive impact in my life where it isn't expected. It's an experiment, so we'll see as the year progresses.

P.S.- I've finally started putting up pictures from my Oct. '07 Mexican vacation on Flickr, too!

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Jennifer said...

Great idea! I particularly like the first look.

Hee hee, Cinder was really paying attention to you! Was he a bad doggy?