Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bows and Girls

Okay, I am completely obsessed with Wardrobe Remix right now. I cannot stop checking the Flickr group for inspiration. I have two new wardrobe heroes: boboniaa and m.bibelot. Both of these ladies have full-stop style all their own. Boboniaa's style to me is modern and urban. I'm totally inspired by the way she layers dresses to create unique shapes, and manages to blend masculine with super cutesy-feminine in a sophisticated way. M.Bibelot is queen of blending designer duds with thrift finds, and she often matches with her husband. I love her primary-color heavy wardrobe and tongue-in-cheek preppy looks. Something these two have in common is their penchant for wearing bows. They mix them some well, they never end up looking too saccharine.

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malcomama said...

Lovin' it! I'm afraid I love bows and lace and bobbles all too much: to look at people wear, anyway. I would be embarrassed to wear the outrageous girly stuff myself...what a wimp! :)