Friday, February 15, 2008

Big Scarf

I was just scrolling down the Sartorialist's pictures on New York fashion week on the blog, and noticed that almost every picture featured a big scarf. Examples below, shamelessly pulled from the website:

Please note that the last one pictured is not wool, but fur. Actually, maybe Nina Garcia's is also fur? I can't tell. Anyway, I will not rock that look for a myriad of reasons (financial limitations, moral problems with skinning creatures for their pelts, and fear of being doused in red paint as I walk down the street among them), though I do love the luxurious look of it. Maybe a great solution to this would be knitting a sumptuous brushed suri alpaca version, in a lovely shade of grey? As we speak, I'm knitting myself my very first planned scarf for keeps. Yes, I have a few scarves that I made when I was first learning, but really the only reason I have them is because they're too ugly for me to give to anyone, and I only made them to hone my skills. My current project is a simple nautically-striped number in alpaca colors intended to compliment my winter coat (Max Azria Collection midnight blue cashmere bought on eBay). But after I finish that, I might have to quickly make myself yet another scarf in a more voluminous design to fit with this trend.

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Jennifer said...

I'll bet it's 3 sweaters worth of yarn, in that one red scarf!