Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happiness is... Dressing for Oneself

I found this pristine, handmade red silk velvet dress thrifted at Goodwill on E. 23rd for 9.99, two weeks ago (along with the A.P.C. jean jacket revealed earlier on my W_R, and some other great items)!

The insides are as gorgeous as the outside! It has a hot pink grosgrain ribbon reinforcing the crisp this an Anna Sui sample from the early 90s, or a 60s tailor-made frock?

I have images burned into my memory from an early 90s Seventeen magazine spread, featuring a young Sophia Coppola, Zoe Cassavettes and Donovan Leitch frolicking around a New York rooftop, wearing a very velvety, 60s music-influenced collection by Anna Sui. I so wanted to be them!

This is the type of dress I knew right off the bat wasn't the boif's style -- and not the style of a lot of people. It's a dress I adore strictly for my own reasons, and wear to please myself. I know it's said a lot in women's mags, etc. that women dress to impress other women, and not men, but there's something to expelling all concern for what other people think and being yourself.


april said...

oh yeah! Why dress for everyone else? I mean there is a time and a place for somethings... I'm not suggesting you show up at a business meeting in a leather cropped bustier because you woke up feeling a little "leather", but THAT is a classy dress! It must feel AMAZING on! silk velvet?!!!! oh yes!

malcomama said...

Yes, D! This dress is so pretty and well -structured..a treasure for no one but yourself. I have pieces like this, also, but I've not wanted to even share them in blog-land or photos...Still, they serve a good purpose.