Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mad Men-Inspired Shop Update!

I've added three new items to my etsy shop this evening -- all very Mad Men if you ask me.
Like most people, I really enjoy the clothing on the show, and I happen to own a lot of clothing from the era. What I find really terrific about vintage clothing from this era is that the construction is impeccable, the shapes are very feminine and flattering, and that the separates are incredibly wearable even when paired with contemporary pieces. Case in point, the items pictured above (and just placed in my shop)! I think they work just as well today with a plain black tee and combat boots as they would with a whole vintage outfit.


malcomama said...

Mad Men and Pushing Daisies are truly two of the only reasons to turn on the tv anymore!

esme and the lane way said...

I love the skirt and scarf-tie!
I haven't seen MM yet (we don't get it here until waayyyyy into next year, boo, but a friend has some DVDs...) but I love the style of it (from pics I've seen).