Saturday, September 19, 2009

catching up...

A tough virus has kept me from updating the blog with some recent events, but here's one:

September 11, 2009: Kings of Leon

Great show! Like many Americans, I'd never really listened to these guys until my boyfriend introduced me to them (he's friends with them from back in the day) and this year's album blew up, but I do now and really like their stuff -- especially the older music. This picture makes it look like we were further from the stage than we were.... I lost hearing in my left ear for 2.5 days afterward. My special one was mistaken for the lead singer of the band about 10 times that we noticed. Fun night!


Blue Is Bleu said...

My middle sister's a huge fan of theirs but I haven't heard much of their stuff. Your boy does look a lot like the lead singer hehe

Anonymous said...

That's awesome Doof! Hahaha i see a lil' resemblence between them. -Bro