Wednesday, September 02, 2009

style inspiration from Facehunter

I really admire the simple yet architecturally interesting style of the young woman above, pictured recently on the Facehunter. Each of the three simple pieces are unique enough to work with little else, and with no accessories to speak of. Also, they look like they're built to last.
Here's another example of a woman wearing very simple, quality pieces in an impactful and restrained way. I had this picture stored on my computer from the Facehunter, but don't think I ever posted it. Now that I'm jonesing for fall, it's just right again.

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malcomama said...

The second outfit with its fall feel is my favorite: I especially admire the blocks of gentle, functional colors, like the dusty blue tights with overlapping gray woven warmers. This might look a bit much on my short legs, but on hers it looks just right. The only thing she's missing is a supple brown leather messenger over the shoulder.