Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Golden Girls Crafts

Last Friday I drove down to Olympia to spend some time with my good old pals from college, J and Er. We'd been planning to sell our crafts at the Olympia art walk, under the collective name "Golden Girls Craft Group" because they craft every Sunday afternoon while drinking and watching episodes of the Golden Girls, and I'm always there in spirit. I'd sort of lost my crafting for profit mojo and only produced a small batch of fiber-rich brooches (crocheted, needle felted and recycled knits), but once I saw the adorable setup the ladies created in J's art studio down town, I was into it again! (The red wine provided to patrons and crafters didn't hurt, either.) It was such a good time. The pictures above show my brooches, the table setup where Er and I had our crafts displayed, and J with her "Friend or Faux" stuffed creatures with Black Sabbath-inspired names, and made of all environmentally friendly materials. We hope to have another craft sale later this spring! I'll be sure to keep the crafting spirit alive this time.


Purly Whites said...

Oh! Look at all your cute stuff! I can see why it all sold out. I also like the new white background!

Anonymous said...

oh the pics look so great! yeah we need to get on another craft sale.

jennaissance said...

I guess the wine supplied to "patrons and crafters" was appreciated cause I look so drunk in that photo, with my head cocked to the side and all that!