Thursday, May 18, 2006

My Boyfriend Moved to New York and All I Got Was Some Sleep

Hello from New York City. I've had a strange, mostly uneventful day. It started with me waking up at noon, and somehow taking 3 hours to get ready to go outside. I finally got out the door, walked to the pharmacy to pick up some zinc for Jeremy (he's got a cold), and then I went to buy groceries. It was gorgeous out, and I was feeling good. My first day of vacation in New York, and the whole day to explore while Jeremy was at work. I bought a small amount of things that I thought I could use during my stay- beer, eggs, a small block of sharp cheddar.... It all fit easily in three bags. Three heavy bags. Folks, I'm not used to city life. By the time I limped back into the apartment, dripping with sweat, it felt as if both my shoulders had become un-socketed. Next time, I will be sure to only buy what I immediately need. None of this thinking ahead stuff.

After filling the fridge with my well-earned booty, I immediately felt the urge to drift off to sleep. Which I did. It was the best, most coma-like sleep I've ever had. But when I woke up an hour later, all the sunshine was gone. I heard thunder and the steady pelting of raindrops on the tree leaves outside. Funny. Seattle was in the mid 80s when I left. Anyway, it's nice for me to see New York green for the first time. Here's a picture from the apartment window.

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