Saturday, May 06, 2006


Folks, I've been holding out on you. As mentioned by Sundara and Karma, a small group of us have been getting together Wednesdays to knit. It's been especially beneficial for me, being the least experienced knitter, to be around such talent. AND, it's awesome to get a sneak peak at the latest yarn Sundara's cooking up. Perhaps best of all, the incredibly generous V caught wind of the fact that I've been interested in learning to spin. She's loaned me her Ashford Traditional, roving, spinning lit, and luxury fibers to play with. She's a fab teacher! Above are my first slubby attempts. Today, I went to my favorite Seattle LYS for a beginners' spinning class, armed with some beautiful merino roving dyed by Sundara. Pictures of those results coming soon....

To sum it up: I'm hooked!

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Purly Whites said...

Oh, look at your cute little yarn! I'm glad the class went well! I can't wait to hear all about it.