Thursday, June 22, 2006

hooked up.

I went to my last knitting night at Sundara's last Wednesday. I didn't do any knitting, but it was still a great time.... *sniff*.... I'm going to miss knitting night.

Also, check out the amazingly generous and gorgeous good-bye gift I received from Sundara! 3 skeins of her silky aran merino in Violaceous. Oooh! Ahh! This colorway is so amazing. Nevermind my horrible picture. It GLOWS rich turquoise and deep violet. I only picture 2 skeins above because I wound the third into a messy ball upon receiving the gift. I plan to knit my first Clapotis with this stuff.

Also, check out my Forecast! It's finally finished blocking. Next I'll need to sew on the buttons, but since I'm using leather wrapped buttons, I want them to be removeable for when I wash the sweater. Sundara suggested sewing my buttons to metal shanks rather than the actual sweater. Sounds like a good idea. Now I have to figure out just how to do this.... Anyone out there have experience in the area?


noblinknits said...

Sorry, no advice on the metal bits but the Forecast looks great! I'm sure you'll find another great knitting group.

Melissa said...

i know we'll never be able to replace your west coast knitters, but i think you'll find the groups in nyc very enjoyable!

re: buttonholes - this method probably won't be able to help you because i'm sure you've already done both buttonhole bands, but it's a good one for the future:

- make both buttonhole bands with buttonholes.
- sew buttons onto a ribbon.
-button the ribbon through the correct side

now the ribbon is removable for washing!

Sundara said...

I'm so excited for your clapotis. And so, so so sad I won't get to see it in person!