Saturday, June 03, 2006

stupid, stupid, stupid

Can you see the difference between the two sleeves on my Forecast? I forgot to switch to my size 6 needle for the ribbing on the right sleeve. Of course, I only noticed once I'd completely finished the arm. Arg. I just ripped it back to start over again. I just want to be finished at this point. I took a few hours last night to finish that sleeve. Hours I could have been packing.

It's only 7 PM on Saturday, and I'm already totally burnt out on this packing business. I think once this move is complete, I'm going to be reborn as a modern minimalist. I'll wear a simple, urban, monochrome uniform and a multifunctional, sleek little apartment full of empty space.


Sarah said...

Bummer about the sleeve, I've done that sort of thing more times than I'd like to admit... But congatulations on the big move, it sounds like an adventure indeed, I would be a bit sad to leave Seattle too, it is one of my very favorite places, luckily we still have family out there and we go to visit a lot! Moving/packing is always a chore, but it's great way to reorganize and simplify - good luck!

Purly Whites said...

Dude! that sucks ass. I'm so sorry!