Sunday, June 25, 2006

packing up and moving out.

I've been trapped inside my apartment for the weekend, finishing up with the painting, packing and throwing away of things. There's actually quite a bit left to be done. I'd hoped to be on the road to Portland on Monday, but now it looks like it'll be Tuesday afternoon at the earliest. I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed right now with all the physical work I have left to do, not to mention how isolated I feel knowing I've just left an amazing job behind, and I don't know what my future holds in New York. It's difficult for me to say really how I feel about it right now. I'm trying to push through waves of sadness and excitement and just work on erasing the evidence of my existance in this apartment.


noblinknits said...

That's right - grit your teeth and keep going. Think of the beautiful clapotis!

Sundara said...

Oh, so so sad. It's all just so sad! I miss you already.