Saturday, June 10, 2006

Welcome to my hell.

When you ask a life-long, card carrying pack rat, fixer upper and crafter like me to move across the country, you're asking more than what you might think. Last weekend, I had a moving sale. The thought of having strangers come into my apartment to see just how much junk I've horded over the years had me crawling under the couch with humiliation. And then to be asking them to PAY me in order to take it away?? Yikes. I suddenly reverted to my teenage self, mortified by anything and everything around me. Thank god I have S, who came over to help with posting signs in the neighborhood on Saturday morning, and then she stuck around all day to chat up customers for me while I huddled in the kitched, slouching and playing with my hair. AND!!! To my surprize, people came and were willing to pay me to take away my stuff! It's a wonderful life afterall.

Watch me. I'm going to move to New York and be reborn as a minimalist with a monochromatic wardrobe.


Melissa said...

trust me, being reborn as a minimalist w/ a monochromatic wardrobe is not hard when moving to NYC.

i used to be a pack rat too, but new york just doesn't allow you the room to continue being on. i think that's a good thing, right? Oh, and my wardrobe has an overwhelming amount of black in it now too!

noblinknits said...

WIth cream sofas and aluminium lights? Naaaaaah! The crafty stuff will creap out.