Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Crocheted Christmas Gift #1 Revealed!

Pattern: Bernat's Haven pattern (free!)

Yarn: about 4.25 balls of Elann's Pamir in Kirsch

Hook: Size US N


-Pattern: I taught myself to crochet right before I put it aside in favor of learning to knit, so even though I crochet from time to time, I'm a beginner. The first Christmas gift I made this year was actually not knitted, but crocheted. I made a wrap for my coworker, J. She, like me, is constantly cold in our office, so I hope this wrap will help keep her toasty whilst typing away at her desk. Though I prefer knitting and the results of knitting to crocheting, I do recognize that crochet has it's place. In this case, I had a the Elann yarn already selected to make a wrap for my coworker, but couldn't find a suitably lacy knit pattern for aran weight yarn, but there were plenty of crochet pattern options. This particular pattern has a lot going for it: it's easy, quick, and free! I'm really happy with the results. The size is perfect for the office- not super big, but not a skimpy/borderline scarf-ish.

-Yarn: Neat yarn- it has a handspun kind of quality to it. It's thick and thin and has a nice mohair halo (I think it's evident by now that I love a halo). Crocheted-up, this yarn is super toasty! Even with a holey pattern like Havenly, the mohair/wool blend keeps a lot of insulation. I love this Kirsch color! It's very vibrant, slightly blue-red. It'll look terrific with J's coloring, and fit perfectly with her wardrobe, which is a lot of graphic black and white.