Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pre Fall

Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love the electricity in the air, the rich, natural colors of the foliage, and the opportunities to layer clothing. Every season that isn't fall should be considered "Pre Fall". Now, thanks to the increasingly obvious effects of climate change, gentle fall seems to be fading away and fashion designers are taking note! Pre Fall collections, much like Resort collections before them, are appearing to indulge our fantasies and entice us to invest in that perfect Fall Outfit- should we ever have the luck to enjoy another mild, golden autumn day again. Chloe's Pre Fall collection got it just right for me this time. I love the rich, warm colors tempered with flashes of cool whites and silver, and weighty wools, velvets and suedes that balance out the airy silks and fluffy furs.


Jennifer said...

My favourite is the fourth one. I like the colours and all of those knits!

malcomama said...

Here, here! Fall RULES!