Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Knitted Christmas Gift #11 Revealed!

Pattern: Pillow cover, my own pattern/none

Yarn: Orange tweedy wool blend stash yarn, from Elann at least 7 (!) years ago and Chocolate Wool of the Andes from the stash

Needles: Addi Turbo Size 8 40" circulars

Other: 12" x 12" pillow insert and faux horn buttons from JoAnn Fabrics


-Pattern: Again, no real pattern here. I just cast on 100 stitches and joined in the round, then knit garter stitch (in the round, so, k one row, purl the next), then bound off 50 stitches when I reached the right dimensions, knitting garter stitch flat for the pillow case flap. I decided to add a brown block randomly, but it was a good thing, actually. I finished the pillow with just three yards of orange tweedy stuff left over, which I used to whip stitch the bottom of the pillow closed and create 5 button hole loops. Simple, and not too time consuming.

-Yarn: Man, I cannot BELIEVE this yarn is 7 years old. Do you know what that means? It means I've been calling myself a knitter for 7.5 years. And it means I am getting old. I bought this yarn online when I was a freshman in college, when I'd just taught myself to knit and just discovered the treacherous world of online shopping. I tried knitting something with it right away- a 4 inch rectangle of garter stitch, and left it languishing in my stash ever since. I thought about throwing it out once or twice, but being a die-hard pack rat, I kept it. The yarn's fine, if something of a novelty yarn. It has little bits of confetti-colored acrylic throughout, but from a short distance, this reads as tweedish. It has a thick and thin quality to it, and actually will go well with my coworker's home interior, I hope.

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malcomama said...

This has such a "vintage" aesthetic to it...I LOVE!