Thursday, February 26, 2009

Big Love

I've come to determine that I am generally not a big project/sweater knitter.
Or I haven't been -- got away with not knitting
a single adult-sized sweater in 2008.
I aim to change that this year though, and to that end I've set a (modest for many, but pretty lofty for me) goal of knitting a sweater for myself each season.
I started knitting with dreams of shelves stacked high with
big, cuddly, custom sweaters of every color,
and it turns out that I've mostly knit gifts and smaller projects for the past few years.
Time for some selfish knitting, I say!
Here are some sweaters I have my eye on for the 2009 queue:
Selma Cape by Kamicha

83-1 Pullover by Drops Design

Long Cabled Vest by Gayle Bunn

Green Gable by Mari Muinonen

Francis Revisited by Beth Silverstein


Anonymous said...

I worked on scarf and afghan most of the last year(it was really a grand project) for my ex. After we parted, I have decided to knit, just for myself for awhile. I might not be able to wear my knits too long since weather will wamrning up but hey, there's another winter coming in 9month!:) I love knitting sweaters and already made 2 for myself. I want to have closet full of my hand knitted sweaters for winter 2009-2010!!!!!:)

dlittlegarden said...

N- Exactly my thinking! I'm not going to concern myself with season-specific knitting. NYC's too hot even for most of the finest linen tanks. I love big sweaters, and that's what I'm gonna make! Yay for us!

Anonymous said...

Lol. I refused to knit sweater for my ex. So instead I started with scarf and ended with Afghan.;)
Knitting as a gift is so special. It is indeed an act of LOVE. My ex indeed appreciated it and I am sure yours did too. But as we said, it is time for me, nobody but me time now. Do things that make you happy!! Make you laugh, and make you feel warm and cozy.:)

malcomama said...

GREAT idea: you would look amazing in the Green Gable or the belted vest! The GG reminds me of an Elfin cloak--so safe, warm, and beautiful!

Danielle said...

oh boy! that first sweater looks amazing.