Friday, February 06, 2009


The new apartment is coming together slowly but surely. One major adjustment I'll have to make is getting used to the new climate. While still within the same building I used to live in, I'm now on a lower level with less access to southern sunlight, small windows, no apartments below me to collect heat from, and wood floors as oppossed to heat-retaining cement. Dudes, it is freezing in there! Even with the heater blasting, the floor feels like ice. So this weekend, while waiting for the cable man to restore my home internet access, I think I will be knitting myself some cozy wool slippers to putter around in. I'm thinking these Mary Jane Slippers from the Purl Bee, or a fulled pair of Two Needle Slippers?

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Stephanie said...

Ooo I am a fan of those mary jane slippers. Uggh I hate being cold, but it's the best thing for my knitting hobby. heh I want to knit myself a 100% baby alpaca jumpsuit. Then I will never be cold again.