Sunday, February 08, 2009

the finishing touch

I've had a really lovely first weekend in my new home. Friday night, my original plans changed only to be replaced by a fantastic late night with new friends. Saturday was spent recovering and getting a few things in order, and so far Sunday's been used to indulge in sleeping in later than I've allowed myself to in years, and finishing up some knitting projects that have been languishing in my baskets. Normally, I resent the finishing bits of knitting: weaving in ends, sewing, rinsing and blocking, etc., but this time it feels terrific -- taking care of business. I also found one of the first knitted items ever, knitted out of a medley of the thrifted mohair yarns that inspired me to learn to knit in the first place.

It's oddly, happily warm today, and the sun is making beautiful patterns all over the brick building across the way from me.

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